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Subaru Single Rally Series

Subaru recently returned to the Australian Rallying Championship after a lengthy hiatus. This experience seems to have whetted their appetite as they seem to be interested in creating a new rally series for one of their cars. One would think this would be a BRZ or WRX STI, but it may be the Subaru XV 2016 Australia race goers may be watching.

Why Choose the XV for Rallying?

The SUV segment in Australia has exploded in popularity in recent years. New younger drivers are increasingly choosing an SUV as their first or second vehicle. The Subaru XV is a small XV that is based on the ever popular Impreza. As such the XV is ideally placed to be both affordable and desirable for the younger driver. Motorsport is a proven method for raising the profile of a brand by making it sexy and exciting. Viewed in this light, an exclusively XV based rallying series would both show off the merits of the car and raise the profile amongst the target demographic.

Would the Rallying Specification XV be Available to Buy?

This could be a very interesting development for Subaru rallying enthusiasts. The most recent parallel that we can draw is the WRX STI NR4 that is being used on the Australian Rallying Championship (ARC). This car was race tweaked, but essentially it apart from some safety enhancements it was a standard WRX STI. It is highly unlikely that a Subaru XV series would be comprised of cars that were extensively modified. Aside from basic safety enhancements and race tuning the cars are likely to be fairly standard. The days of rallying teams spending millions of dollars on a car are long gone. Many people, particularly younger driver find the idea of buying a car that is very similar to a racing model very attractive. It gives their purchase a certain amount of street cred and bragging rights that is very appealing. It also means that the entry level price for drivers new to the sport is quite low.