Not All Free on a Rally Driving

If you’ve got a rally driving experience for a present, don’t think you can just turn up and drive. Those shrewd experience day sellers have a number of money-making ideas to cash in on your custom.

Here’s a list of the most expensive extras they’ll be convincing you to spend on, on top of the price of the experience.
Insurance for the rally car
The most costly extra payment is usually your insurance. Every rally driving experience is a bit different, but generally the rally providers will ask if you want to buy insurance when you turn up. This is a considerable charge, usually coming in at about £20.

If you don’t want to pay this insurance, and you damage the car, you’ll have to pay a big excess of £2000 or more.

Of course the insurance brings in a fortune for the providers of your rally experience, without them having to do anything else. The companies are usually covered for these cars by their own insurance companies already, so they keep all the cash whatever happens.

I’m not saying don’t buy insurance, but when you work out the numbers, there’s a lot of money flowing towards the experience providers. It’s far less likely than you’d imagine that people will need to claim on this insurance because you’re always under the control of an expert in the passenger seat, and they won’t let you get into dangerous situations.

Of course that doesn’t mean you won’t be the first to swerve into a tree trunk, but it’s interesting to remember this when they’re trying to scare you with how much cash you could lose. You can just turn up and drive, but remember to be extra careful if you have no insurance

On someexperiences they will make drivers buy insurance before you get in the car, and if this happens to you, you’ve got no choice but to pay.

Photos of your rally driving day

You will often find you have a professional photographer taking photos of your driving expertise. These are often professionally taken pictures of you sitting in the driving seat before you start, or the car jumping and screeching round corners.

Now, these pictures are fun and great to show off to your friends, but again you’ll be paying hand over fist for them. You’ll usually get an A5 photo for £25, with an option to get all the pictures on a CD for £10 extra. Not a bargain when you could have brought your own camera for free.

Again it’s up to you though. The photographer can get up close, so these snaps are usually good and a great reminder of the experience. But think what else you could buy for that money.

Buying food
These courses usually have a café or snack shop, serving the usual food like overpriced coffee and dodgy sandwiches. If you have lunch here you’ll be paying an extra £5 each at least.

We’re not quibbling about spending a few pounds for a drink, it’s just the relentless moneygrabbing that gets us down. Surely once you’ve put your hand in your pocket and paid for the rally experience, they should be giving you this stuff for free.

Fancy a video of you driving the rally car?
Some rally courses can give you access to video cameras focused on the driver of the rally car meaning they can also sell you a video of your face as you navigate the course The price to you?
You’ll usually be able to take away the film on a data stick for £20 or £30

So take your cash card
To be fair they won’t make paying for these things compulsory.

But after paying over £100 for a really driving experience, it can be all to easy to hand over the extra cash, and find out you’ve spent double what the original experience cost!

Driving Corporate Possibilities

Majority of the businesses are regularly seeking for new opportunities that will assist to expand their potential for enhancing business success, through the utilisation of employee training and recognition. There are a wide variety of many different settings you can take advantage of, so as to achieve this objective, and seeking new resources or experiences can prove extremely attractive. If pursuing a unique opportunity to support your firm’s workforces, in association to your various corporate goals, get benefitted from the amazing possibilities provided with the rally driving experience.

Corporate Possibility One: Rewarding Employees

Firms usually recognise the accomplishments of employees, as corporate objectives are achieved and business success is maximised. Instead of throwing a conventional party that majority of the people are acquainted with, embrace the extraordinary possibilities that are offered with a rally experience. This kind of corporate reward could be highly appealing to a big variety of people and helps to create long-term memories of recognition, that firms can reap the benefits of when they see improvements in manufacturing and worker performance.

Corporate Possibility Two: Teambuilding

The second possibility that exists with investing into the rally experience could be discovered with using training resources, like teambuilding. Training is a chance that each and every business takes advantage of, with a purpose to improve the expertise of their employees. Most training sessions generally tend to be boring, even with the recruitment of a specialist person to manage training on behalf of your company. With the help of the exciting opportunity of driving rally vehicles, you will be in a position to enforce lessons like teambuilding, and create a long-term memory that melds this entertaining experience with corporate lessons.

Corporate Possibility Three: Driving Options

The third possibility created with the rally driving opportunity is seen with a huge variety of different driving solutions that satisfy your specific employees concerns. While many people would like to take advantage of the opportunity of driving a rally vehicle for themselves, others are not interested in this opportunity and would get benefitted from the possibility of driving in the passenger seat, with a professional driver. Whatever your demands may be, there is a driving experience that will more than fulfill your associates personal requests.

Corporate Possibility Four: Affordable Solutions

The ultimate and most amazing corporate possibility available is discovered with the affordable solutions offered with the rally experience. When you blend the prospects of recognising associates or enforcing training, while depending upon inexpensive solutions, your business will figure out the greatest number of advantages.

Every one of the incredible possibilities that prevail for corporations to invest in a rally driving experience proves highly advantageous to any organisation, despite of its main goals.

Subaru Single Rally Series

Subaru recently returned to the Australian Rallying Championship after a lengthy hiatus. This experience seems to have whetted their appetite as they seem to be interested in creating a new rally series for one of their cars. One would think this would be a BRZ or WRX STI, but it may be the Subaru XV 2016 Australia race goers may be watching.

Why Choose the XV for Rallying?

The SUV segment in Australia has exploded in popularity in recent years. New younger drivers are increasingly choosing an SUV as their first or second vehicle. The Subaru XV is a small XV that is based on the ever popular Impreza. As such the XV is ideally placed to be both affordable and desirable for the younger driver. Motorsport is a proven method for raising the profile of a brand by making it sexy and exciting. Viewed in this light, an exclusively XV based rallying series would both show off the merits of the car and raise the profile amongst the target demographic.

Would the Rallying Specification XV be Available to Buy?

This could be a very interesting development for Subaru rallying enthusiasts. The most recent parallel that we can draw is the WRX STI NR4 that is being used on the Australian Rallying Championship (ARC). This car was race tweaked, but essentially it apart from some safety enhancements it was a standard WRX STI. It is highly unlikely that a Subaru XV series would be comprised of cars that were extensively modified. Aside from basic safety enhancements and race tuning the cars are likely to be fairly standard. The days of rallying teams spending millions of dollars on a car are long gone. Many people, particularly younger driver find the idea of buying a car that is very similar to a racing model very attractive. It gives their purchase a certain amount of street cred and bragging rights that is very appealing. It also means that the entry level price for drivers new to the sport is quite low.


Rally Fighter The Car to Beat

It starts under the hood with a GM LS3 E-Rod 376ci all aluminum V8 and then builds outward with the new Rally Fighter Pro. This is the car to beat on the street.Rally Fighter lets you bump it up a notch and claim your place with power, style and efficiency. The engine block is solid – but you can add to your package to create a custom vehicle that will be an extension of your hand. Whether you are using the stock transmission, or switching up to the GM 6LOE or TKO 600 5-speed manual; you will own the street with ease. There are other options you can choose when you create your custom Rally Fighter too.

Get the comfort right

Comfort options are essential in racing. Rally Fighter knows that good drivers can focus on their driving without numbing out, cramping or worrying about basic safety. There are many different options that are available to increase your ability to drive, and stay safeRally Fighter chooses parts from the best. The comfort list includes seats from Mastercraft and Recaro. You can get a full leather interior and protect it all with Baha bumpers and skid plates. Add a roof rack to store endurance gear and you are good to go.

The tire and wheel set

You have option with your Rally Fighter to set your tire and wheel set to give you the traction and push that you need to handle all weather, all curves and all speeds. The tires are Goodyear Eagle MTR, one of the highest rated performance tires around. You can then add to that Method Racing bead locks and the six-spoke method wheels. Put them all together and you have an engineered unit that is built for speed.

Customize your details

It is said that devil is in the details, and Rally Fighter lets you create your details so your opponent knows when the devil is behind them. You can customize your trim options in many different ways to create your custom machine. Choose your:

Racing StripesBody Lines Accent Colors ColorMatch Mirror AccentsFuel DoorDoor HandlesTinted Tail lights & Side MarkersTinted WindowsTwo Toneplus an Aero Latch Hood.

Rally Fighter also allows you to customize the color and graphics package on the exterior of your vehicle. They have professional designers that will work with you to create the package that presents what you want seen to the world. It’s not a stock package you are going to see driving by you – but your colors, your logo, your graphics and your details.

Everything you need in a vehicle to conquer the world

Rally Fighter provides you with the means to conquer the world. Whether that world is a trail or just the highway – this is a machine that cannot be beat. If you want to see your skills as a driving taken to new heights, you have to have the right tools to make it happen. The Rally Fighter is the car to beat. With custom options and variable suspension, you can get the car you need to put you ahead of the pack.